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apple spot

bar guy animation

still life animation

“A Night Out”

reference picture one

This is the front of Kroaker Heads loacted in
Anderson, IN. I based the modeling on most of
this building.

3D building

To show compare the picture with the model
I have shown the rendered image of the model at
a similiar view point.

3D building

This will show a little more detail around the upper windows
and the upper and lower brick.

3D building

The inside of the top floor is all all about the tables
and the lights. The tiling of the bricks is an issue that
I'm working on. The actual building does not have a restaurant
on the top floor.

3D building

If this building really had water outside it would be
awesome but it doesn't but you can see what it would look like.

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“Sierian Fleet”

This was a sample of photoshop texturing in Maya.
The way the black effects the bump map is great.

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“Apple iAnniversary”

This was an After Effects project for a false apple anniversary.

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“Bar Guy”

I created this animated character and he was my first
attempt at any kind of After Effects animation.

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“Still Life”

I created this table to test a glass texture
that I used for the wine glasses.